Our Story

Welcome to the AIST Association, also known as AISTA.

What is AIST?

Artificial Intelligence for Software Testing (AIST) is an emerging field aimed at the development of AI systems to test software, methods to test AI systems, and ultimately designing software that is capable of self-testing and self-healing. 



The mainstream of testing is geared toward manual testing, or the manual creation of "automated" test scripts, and most testing activities are focused on only a single, or a small number of applications. Furthermore, as features are added to software, the complexity of the application increases at an exponential rate. However, classic testing approaches add test cases linearly, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get adequate coverage.


It has therefore become necessary to create an association directly pursuing the Grand Dream of Testing, where everything is truly automated without human intervention and systems deliver better testing than current application test teams.  Take this idea a step further and imagine a world where software can test, diagnose, and heal itself, and all we have to do is continue to train it.



The Artificial Intelligence for Software Testing Association (AISTA) is focused on applying, and extending AI to the world of software quality in all forms, and obviating the need for human testing activities. We believe that the AI for Software Testing problem and testing in general is too important and large a problem for any one company or effort to solve. Each individual or group is likely contributing a piece of the overall solution, and our mission is to bring them together.



  • Promoting the study of AI as it pertains to software testing and quality engineering.
  • Facilitating cooperation and communication among those interested in the pursuit of AIST.
  • Providing a forum for sharing AIST research ideas, views, and experiences by holding various conferences, workshops, and meetings.
  • Producing and disseminating publications and other materials regarding AIST research and development.


  • Jason Arbon - Founding Member, Co-Chair | e-mail: jason.arbon @ aitesting.org
  • Tariq King - Founding Member, Co-Chair | e-mail: tariq.king @ aitesting.org


Interested in Becoming a Member?

Are you, your company, or university actively contributing to the field of AIST? Let us know by visiting our membership page and submitting an application that includes a sample of your work. Not an active contributor but generally interested in AIST? No problem, you can still apply for standard membership to receive our newsletter and other updates.